Artist's Statement


As an artist, I see my job as translating images into a form that is unique, distinctive, and intriguing.


I photograph most of my subject matter and then rework my images, adapting and simplifying them into bold, graphic, and innovative works of art.


I use color to create drama and vibrancy in my work, especially in portraits, sometimes placing colors side by side that are not traditionally placed together. For example, I have used red, mauve and orange together, these are colors that have much in common in hue and value, yet have extreme differences in character and effect. The visual result expresses a depth and energy rare in a two dimensional medium.


When painting a portrait, my use of color also aims to reflect the mood, demeanour, and subtle qualities of my subject's personality.


It is of utmost importance to me as an artist that my paintings intrigue and entertain.


- Stephen